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"A behind-the-scenes look at how Google became a worldwide business and cultural phenomenon."
- Newark Star-Ledger

"If it's plot you want, not page rank statistics, The Google Story is the best offering so far."
- Baltimore Sun

"Filled with insider revelations from page one."
- PR Week


"The most detailed account of the spectacular rise of the seven-year-old search engine. Vise and Malseed offer a behind-the-scenes look, from the first meeting of its cofounders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, as Ph.D. candidates at Stanford to their company's latest projects like building a genetic database and creating a virtual library."
- Newsweek

"[Does] a fine job of recounting Google's rapid rise and explaining its search business."
- The New York Times

"An interesting read on a powerhouse company."
- USA Today

"Well told . . . A thorough primer on everything from the childhoods of the founders to its battles with Microsoft and its impact on the advertising industry."

"Fascinating . . . Meticulous . . . Intriguing . . . Even if you think you've heard about Google ad nauseam, you will find new items about this important company."
- Houston Chronicle

"A concise account of the company's rise to prominence and the controversies and triumphs it produced... [Readers] will find much of interest, particularly if they spend much time on the Web... Offers unusual insight into the lives of people on the periphery of technical innovation."
- Concord (N.H.) Monitor